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Santorum Surges From Behind, Again

Yeah, I know, it’s beneath me… Man, this freak show just goes on and on. Now Santorum is once again the not-Romney, and rather decisively so. It truly says something about the Republican base, primarily how base they truly are. _ … Continue reading

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Uncanny Resemblance

(Hat tip archy, via Pharyngula)

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A Political Ramble

Hey, you’ve been warned in the title; nothing of any significance here, It’s a ramble, sheer opinion. Today was an interesting day, in a dear-diary sense. Several people suddenly glommed onto a fairly throw-away post, the one entitled “American Jobs … Continue reading

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Tea Party Signs That Bother Me

Someone asked me in another forum to show some of the signs I find perturbing at Tea Party rallies, so here’s a selection. They weren’t too hard to find, it took longer to create the page than gather the content. … Continue reading

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