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Happy 2016!

Fireworks4_amk-public-domainYes, my friends, you have traveled INTO THE FUTURE!!!!

One minute you were in August of 2014, the next you were whisked over a year to New Year’s Day 2016. So it would seem if you were going only by my blog entries, anyway.

As cliched as new beginnings on New Years are, it seemed an appropriate time to blow the dust off this thing and try to get back into writing somewhere besides Facebook.

Much has happened since I left you stranded in 2014. I’ve stepped down as editor of Secular Nation, and have almost entirely withdrawn from organized atheism entirely. I’m still on the Board of Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry, and am still their representative on the Affiliate Council of Atheist Alliance of America, but I’m not very active in either position and plan to leave both at the next annual meeting. I’m still a member – renewed today! – but I don’t want to be in the leadership any more.

I’ve come out as polyamorous, not that I was particularly secretive about it, but I fell in love with an utterly adorable openly poly woman (Hi Mandi!) and made it “Facebook Official” almost a year ago, so now it’s totally out there. I am still happy to be in her life, and also with another wonderful poly woman I met in the interim (Hi Laurie!), and I’ve pretty much decided that any future relationships are going to have to start with an acceptance that I don’t believe in exclusivity; I expect I’ll be writing more about that in posts to come.

When I let the blog lapse I was still grieving over my beloved cat Sebastian. You can’t replace people, but the void he left is now occupied by these charming gentlemen, Ruckus and Bobcat (R&B).


See the heart?

They are also rescue cats, of course, but from a hospice patient rather than a shelter. They give to and receive from me a lot of love.

I’ve also recently (as in a month ago) changed to a new job in a different lab in my factory, which is a first shift job. I’m hoping that this will allow me to become a little bit more sociable! I’ve come to appreciate people in the flesh as well as online, within reasonable limits!

Oh, and my eyes are much, much better since the operation! I still get quite bad floaters, and I need reading glasses for close work, but apart from that I actually have 20/20 distance vision for the first time in my life, which is still pretty thrilling!

There you go, gentle readers, that’s the basic catch-up. I hesitate to call it a resolution but I will attempt to keep this blog a bit more active.

Happy New Year!


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  1. Thanks for the catch-up. I enjoyed reading it and look forward to more blog entries from you. You’ve definitely been missed! 🙂

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