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Press release – more info at http://www.aaaseattle2014.com

The Atheist Alliance of America will be holding their annual conference on August 7-10 in Seattle, Washington this year, at the Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport, in conjunction with hosting local affiliate Seattle Atheists. The theme will be Humanism in Action. Apart from a little on the spot action (we will be holding a blood drive Saturday!) attendees will hear from a variety of activists.

Educating people is one form of action, of course, and we will have many speakers to that. Headlining that arena Dr. Rebecca Goldstein, author of works like The Mind-Body Problem, Betraying Spinoza, and Plato at the Googleplex, as well as works of fiction such as Properties of Light and 36 Arguments For God, will be accepting the Richard Dawkins Award at the Conference. Also speaking will be her husband and last year’s Dawkins Award winner, Dr. Steven Pinker, famed experimental psychologist and author of hit scientific tomes like The Language Instinct, How The Mind Works, The Blank Slate, and The Stuff Of Thought, and the historical meta-analysis of violence The Better Angels Of Our Nature.

Mynga Futrell has direct knowledge of education and fighting for education issues at every level from elementary school through university, from local to worldwide scales. August Brunsman will share some of the secrets of the success of the Secular Student Alliance. Local activist and national star Sam Mulvey, executive producer of Ask an Atheist, will give insight into organizing successful outreach. Former minister, “Brother Richard” Haynes, President of Atheist Nexus and blogger at Brother Richard’s Life Without Faith, will talk about building nontheist communities and coming out of the atheist closet. His fellow Patheos blogger Bob Seldensticker of Cross Examined will speak on counter-apologetics, offering intellectual critiques of religious arguments. Dr. Richard Carrier, ascendant star of academic analysis of the progress of science in ancient Greece and Rome and author of the recent controversial argument for mythicism On the Historicity of Jesus will offer insights along those lines too!

Ben Blanchard will talk about bringing active humanist help around the world with the Pathfinders Project and Humanist Service Corps. Steve Hill will be spreading his hard-won knowledge of how to have a voice in American politics. Marsha Botzer will share some of her experience as one of the most active organizers for LGBTQ issues in the world. Amanda K. Metskas and Diana Castillo will speak of organizing with the Secular Coalition of America to fight secular issues in law. Rebecca Vitsmun will give her ground level view of humanist action without relying on invisible intangible friends (sorry, Wolf Blitzer!)

With all that convention attendees will need some comic relief, and it will be provided to them. Horus Gilgamesh, author of the very successful and funny Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children’s Bible, volume 1, will be speaking and introducing volume 2. The convention will also feature not one but two highly regarded atheist stand-up comedy acts, Ian Simmons and Travis “The Big Funny” Simmons, to bring the laughs.

The conference will very much be a family friendly event, with fun and exciting activities for kids as well as speakers offering information and views on those issues specific to secular (and mixed) families. Atheist Alliance of America is a family itself, a democratic atheist organization of democratic atheist organizations, and workshops will held to help member societies thrive and expand.

We hope to see you in Seattle!

Doubletree Hotel Seattle Airport, 18740 International Blvd, Seattle, WA 98188

~ by BT Murtagh on July 24, 2014.

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