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Appropriate Timing

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of my father’s death, a man who taught me more about love, community, and accepting responsibility than just about anyone.
James Murtagh
Coincidentally, today I received confirmation by the American Humanist Association of their endorsement of me as a Humanist Celebrant. For those not familiar with the term, it is legally equivalent to becoming a clergyperson. I will be conducting weddings, child namings, and memorial services in the same way but without reference to the supernatural.

My father was a religious man, a Catholic, and had plans before meeting my mother to become a priest. Although we didn’t agree on metaphysics we did on the need for human connection, for celebrating life’s passages in community.

I miss my father and love his memory still. I think he would have been proud of me today.

~ by BT Murtagh on April 22, 2014.


One Response to “Appropriate Timing”

  1. This is great news, Brian! If Mike and I weren’t already married, you would be our first choice to perform the ceremony! Vow renewal, perhaps?

    I know it’s been a while, but I am sorry for the loss of your dad. It sounds like he was a good and decent man, and judging by your own character which he obviously influenced, I’m absolutely sure of it! I think he would be very proud of you today! I know I am!

    Cheers! 🙂

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