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Sebastian last

This is a picture of my friend and companion of many years, Sebastian, resting in my arms. It was taken by my son Eamon at ten to three this morning, about half an hour before Sebastian died.

I don’t know exactly how old Sebastian was, because I adopted him from a shelter when he was already a fully grown cat of three to five years. He was picked out by my son Eamon, with my advice and consent, when Eamon was five years old, so I treated him as being the same age as Eamon. That would make Sebastian fifteen years old, quite an advanced age for a feline.

I spent the next decade being loved by that animal, and giving him my love in return. His favorite places in the world were plastered up against my chest peering over my shoulder,  or lying in my lap occasionally putting out his paw to touch the arm of my Papa chair as if to say, Ah, home. At night if I left the bedroom door open he would pad in, lie down beside me, and commence to purr his deep bass purr until one or the other or both of us slept.

Sebastian at home

He was always very healthy until just about three weeks ago, when he began to lose weight quite rapidly. He didn’t seem in any distress, though, and remained as affectionate as always. I tried to build him up a bit with treats, both store bought cat treats and offering him shreds of my chicken and so forth, and would drop ice cubes in his water to encourage him to stay hydrated.

Last night Eamon came and woke me to tell me that Sebastian was lying on the floor meowing faintly in distress. I picked Sebastian up and took him to the Papa chair he’d loved to share with me, and I held him and stroked him for maybe an hour. He shortly calmed, though his breathing was very rapid. He would shiver and twist once or twice, then calm again. He reached out to touch the arm of my chair, then he relaxed and began to purr. That’s when Eamon took the picture. And then, quietly and without fuss, he stopped breathing.

Goodbye, Sebastian my friend. I am going to miss you so badly.

Chosen one

~ by BT Murtagh on June 23, 2013.


5 Responses to “Sebastian”

  1. I’m so sorry. I know how hard it is to lose a cat. At least he died in your arms, surrounded by your love.

  2. Oh Brian, I am so sorry for your loss. Please send Eamon my condolences as well. I’ve lost precious pets and understand the pain. (((hugs)))

  3. Thank you. We buried him in a nice shady spot beneath a pine tree, wrapped in his blanket with one of his toys. Neither of us believe in afterlives or anything, but it seemed an appropriate way to say goodbye with affection and respect for the years we spent together.

  4. Sorry about your loss. It’s clear you loved Sebastian very much.

  5. Sebastian was a generous and beautiful soul. He would settle into my arms, rumbling his deep symphonic purr, and look up at me like, “This is the Best Thing Ever.” He will be missed.

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