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Happy New Year!

Here we go, another whoosh past the arbitrary point in our orbit we call New Year (not even particularly tied to orbits any more). Happy New Year!

2012 wasn’t bad to me at all.

This was the year I decided I’d become more active as an atheist, and I feel I lived up to that. I attended the Reason Rally, the American Atheists National Convention, the Rock Beyond Belief concert, and the Secular Carolinas Conference. In each case I did the best I could to be an active participant too, and I’ve become more active in my local secular community (Secular Humanists Of The Lowcountry) as well.  I’m not a naturally sociable person so all this feels like a real accomplishment to me.

I also participated quite strongly in politics this year. I’ve been disappointed in President Obama in several respects , but I still regard him as a good President overall and certainly incomparably superior to the Republican alternative. I was happy to have been partially instrumental in re-electing him, and maintaining and expanding the Democratic lead in the Senate, and keeping the House on a fairly even keel. I’m still desperately frustrated at how little a citizen can affect the process, but I did my part and helped achieve a better result.

What about my blog? I’ve neglected you disgracefully the past couple of months, Faithful Readers, and I apologize to both of you. That period of time corresponds to two things: I changed shifts from 2pm-10pm to 1am-9am, which you’d think would make blogging easier (probably correctly) but it was a change, and also I think I may have started falling in love about then.

Looking forward to 2013, I have two big trips planned for quite early in the year. I’m going to go home to England at the end of January for a week, mostly to celebrate my Mum’s 80th birthday, and to go to Austin Texas at the end of March to attend the 50th anniversary American Atheists National Convention. Both trips ought to be great fun!

I hope everyone who reads this has as good a 2013 as I plan on having!

~ by BT Murtagh on January 1, 2013.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Now I see why you’ve been dangerously happy. Falling in love is even better than great coffee. Congratulations! You deserve all the dangerous happiness life has to offer. Happy New Year!

    • Oh my… that’s why I have the rule about never posting after happy hour. I hadn’t intended to go public with that little tidbit yet. Ah well, I’m not retracting it. In Vino Veritas. There’s worse things I could have confessed! Happy New Year to you too Amy!

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