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Obama Wins Four More Years!

Yes, and with what can quite reasonably be called a mandate for change too, at 303 electoral votes and likely to win Florida’s 29 as well when they finish counting.

Democrats (and two independents who caucus with them) also not only held the Senate but expanded their majority in it. Among the new Senators is Tammy Baldwin, first openly lesbian Senator in American history.

Speaking of LGBT issues, Maine and Maryland legalized same-sex marriage – the first time that has happened by direct vote of the electorate. Minnesota defeated an amendment to restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples.

Washington and Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, while California and Massachusetts legalized it for medical use.

Michigan repealed the odious and radical emergency manager law that allowed the Governor to override all local government within that state.

The only part disappointing to me was that there was almost no movement in the House, which will remain in Republican hands. Even there there is one spark of progress that caught my eye: although counting is still going on, it looks as if Kyrsten Sinema will become the first openly bisexal member of Congress, serving Arizona’s 9th Congressional District.

All in all, a very satisfying election for progressive Americans! W00t!

UPDATE: I wasn’t aware of this before, but Sinema is also openly nontheist. Since Pete Stark lost his re-election bid, she is now the one and only openly nontheist member of the federal government.

~ by BT Murtagh on November 7, 2012.

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