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Broke $1000 for LLS; Announcing Raffle Winner!

Thanks to a third donation from my friend of long standing (sounds nicer than “old friend”) Gil Pennington, the total in primary donations is now $1000.01 – this will be augmented by a $750 match I wheedled out of the Bosch Fair Share Board (with the understanding that I’ll be joining same next week), and the $1750.01 will be matched in toto by Foundation Beyond Belief / the Stiefel Freethought Foundation for a final tally of $3500.02 – W00t!

Although the fundraising web page is still open for another day, I’m finished actively soliciting for it. (And there was much rejoicing!) All that remains is for me to decorate the Bosch Lightwalkers – FBB banner and go on the walk. Right?

No, just kidding raffle participants, I haven’t forgotten you. There were six donations with the pennies on the end to indicate raffle entries, including Gil’s which he sized for that clearance by one penny over the grand – I wasn’t sure if he wanted to enter or not, but I decided if he demurred I could always repeat the draw.

So I took six of my little business cards I made with the Bosch Lightwalkers – FBB fundraising information on them, and wrote the six names on the backs. I then gave the cards to a cow orker and asked him to shuffle them. Finally, I rolled a die (a classic d6 for all you RPG fans out there), which came up a 4, and had him hand me the matching card, fourth from the top. That’s about as fair & random a method as I can think of.


~ by BT Murtagh on October 25, 2012.

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  1. …naturally enough, the only person who picked my absolute favorite from amongst the four books!

    Never mind, I’m sure I’ll meet Lawrence Krauss at another convention and get him to sign another.

    Congratulations, Cynthya Petzen, you are now the owner of a signed copy of A Universe From Nothing!

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