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2 Days, $28 Short Of Breaking $1000! Raffle Ticket?

It’s the last TWO DAYS (counting today) of my fundraising drive for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and I’m only $28 short of breaking a grand in primary donations! Please consider donating, to enter my raffle or just to do it.

Donate $5 or more by Thursday, plus 1-4 cents (wait for it!), and you may win one of four recent mint condition books from my personal library, SIGNED BY THE AUTHORS!  If you are interested in more than one book, make more than one donation and I’ll put in a separate entry for each book you get a ‘ticket’ for. One entry per book though!

The books are:

1) A Universe From Nothing, signed by Lawrence Krauss

2) Candidate Without A Prayer, signed by Herb Silverman

3) The Magic Of Reality, signed by Richard Dawkins

4) Nonbeliever Nation, signed by David Niose

Just add 1-4 pennies to indicate which book you’d like to receive if you win, and donate at my fundraising page:


I’m offering up BOOKS here, people, SIGNED books! To a bibliomaniac like me that’s like offering fingers. Won’t you please donate to this worthy cause? Remember, this is a drive with 100% matching from Foundation Beyond Belief and the Stiefel Freethought Foundation. (I also got $750 in additional matching from Bosch Fair Share, but that’s met already.)

I got started on this because my nephew developed lymphoma. He seems to have beaten it for now thanks to modern chemotherapy, but these diseases are deadly and affect millions. The LLS has one of the lowest administrative  to delivery costs among medical charities, and donations are spent very effectively.

And they’re matched dollar for dollar by Foundation Beyond Belief and the Stiefel Freethought Foundation. Did I mention that?


~ by BT Murtagh on October 24, 2012.

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