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Reset the Countdown Clock For Gun Control, Again

So, there has been yet another case of a gunman taking out his pique on the world by shooting up random passer-by, this time by Texas A&M University.

It took less than three hours for Presidential nominee Romney to opine that gun control laws could not have prevented these deaths; he may well be right in this case, but somehow I doubt he was in full possession of all the facts that quickly. At least he didn’t wistfully wonder wonder if some well-armed citizen hero could have taken out the gunman sooner, if it wasn’t for Texas’s overbearing gun control laws.

Regardless of whether gun control laws would have helped, we can’t now have that adult conversation about gun control we’ve been promising ourselves since the last one, because, obviously, it’s crass and insensitive to talk about the gun problem too soon after a multiple slaying, and it’s political grandstanding to boot.

It’s been less than a month since the Alabama nightclub shootings, which were only days after the shootings in the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, after all, so we can’t talk about it now – too soon! If only we’d managed to fit it in before that, but that would have been too soon after the Colorado massacre, which was too soon after the attempted Giffords assassination which killed, which was too soon after the Fort Hood ambush

The problem is that “too soon” seems to be defined as “any period of time shorter than that between the last gun-related multiple homicide and the next one” as far as the NRA and their coterie are concerned.

~ by BT Murtagh on August 13, 2012.

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