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Yay For Curiosity!

What does this mean for the Martian winter?

The Mars Orbiter caught the last few moments of the “7 minutes of terror”

I’m a bit surprised that there wasn’t more media attention paid to this mission – MSNBC didn’t even preempt one of their execrable prison reality shows for the occasion. CNN didn’t interrupt their weekend programming for it either.

Come on, an American robot won the gold in the 155-million-mile! Maybe the networks were jealous because it takes NBC six hours to show the news from the London Olympics, but it only took NASA 17 minutes to show the big finish on Mars. Or maybe they just didn’t appreciate how magnificent this accomplishment was.

Still, we did in fact manage to land a roving robotic laboratory the size of large SUV on another planet. That definitely deserves a “Hoo-rah!” from all of us!

The landing sequence truly looks like one of Acme Corporation’s special order jobs for Dr. W.E. Coyote, but it worked flawlessly. If the rest of the equipment works as well, we can look forward to a huge amount of invaluable scientific data.

Who knows, maybe even….

~ by BT Murtagh on August 6, 2012.

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