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Cold Brew Coffee – Yum!


Apparently New Orleans have been keeping this to themselves for decades, the bastards. This method makes the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, bar freaking none. It totally rocks and it’s easy!

Get some good coffee, preferably something in a light to medium roast (darker roasts work too, though). I’m enjoying some Tanzania Peaberry right now and it is divine, but any coffee you like.

Use about twice as much coffee for the volume of water as you would in a drip machine. Grind it to a French press grind, though, where the bean bits are about a millimeter big.

Put it in a sealable glass jar, something like a Mason jar or a repurposed peanut butter jar, pickle jar, whatever. Put in the coffee and fill it all the way up with cold water, not hot, not warm, not cool, cold. Seal the jar. Shake.

Now put it in your refrigerator and wait 12 to 48 hours. You can wait too short a time, you can’t wait too long (it stops improving after about two days, but it doesn’t get bad). Shake it once or twice a day. Hey I said this method makes delicious coffee, not fast coffee!

When it’s done, take it out and drip or press it through a filter. (I recommend using an Aerobie press or French press if you have one.)

The brew will have a stronger, richer flavor than you’ll get from any hot brewing method, but with no bitterness at all. You can drink it as is if you want a strong cold coffee drink (I have never liked iced coffee until now!), or you can dilute it to taste, or heat it and add other stuff. Experiment! Go crazy!!

Wwwelll, nnnottt tttoooo ccrrrazzzzyyyy…. 😉


~ by BT Murtagh on July 28, 2012.