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Friday fiblet: Deep Gothic

“Damn, that was heavy. Hold the lamp higher… good. Okay, so not for the money. Jealous of one of the others?”

“Could’ve been jealous of Jim or Rocky, but no. Weirder. Get that end. ”

“Eww, it’s soaking through! Okay, got it. So why then?”

“The mother. The mother vamped his guy into ratting her boy out.”

“What? Why? Okay, put him down. We need to put this back.”

“Revenge thing. Says he’s his dad, his dad exactly. Who raped her.”

“Oh, hence the carpenter! Had to settle.”

“Exactly. Say, why’d we have to roll the rock back? Fucker’s empty now.”

~ by BT Murtagh on June 15, 2012.

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