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Friday Fiblet: Shipboard Mod

Rebooting from self-diagnostic, I scanned for Captain Jim. A millisecond’s search confirmed he was not on board.

I didn’t panic this time, just switched to externals. He was floating aft this time, perilously near the ion beam.

“Captain?” Silence. I overrode suit comms, heard sobbing. “Jim?”  He kept crying. “Jim, come back in.”

Finally: “Okay, Ship. Sorry, I…” He stopped. In dead tones: “It’s so lonely here.”

Of course! Known human weakness, I berated myself. Easily fixed.

The holds were full of human organs. I made him a friend, using the same basic technique I had used for Jim.

~ by BT Murtagh on June 8, 2012.

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3 Responses to “Friday Fiblet: Shipboard Mod”

  1. My apologies to those who get the feed, who got a very slightly unfinished version.

  2. Sorry . . . I don’t think I get it. Now if instead of a ‘friend’, Ship had made Jim a ‘partner’ I’d have — uh, nope, I still wouldn’t be sure. Oh well. My bad. Probably.

  3. It could just as easily be my bad, Gene. It’s hard coming up with a 100 word story every week and this one was a bit rushed. I may have to allow myself some longer lengths, the short ones take too long.

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