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History Of The Universe In Ten Minutes

With a certain local emphasis in the latter parts, sure, but you have to admit…

… this story beats the pathetic little Bronze Age origin tales into a cocked hat.

~ by BT Murtagh on May 2, 2012.

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2 Responses to “History Of The Universe In Ten Minutes”

  1. Fascinating video. One must admit, though, that each story demands a certain measure of ‘faith’ — don’t you agree? And how could a mere human being possibly provide a credible answer to the question: “Why?”

    • It depends on how you define faith. The one in the video represents the best interpretation of the available evidence, contradicting no known facts and predicting not a few, and remains subject to revision; it’s a reasonable sort of.faith to believe that a coherent narrative that well supported is generally correct. The other popular story is strictly revelatory, fails to account for many facts and outright contradicts available evidence, and is not subject to revision in light of the facts; blind faith rather than reasoned expectation.

      As for your question, it’s easily answered. The best available evidence, rationally examined, suggests that there is no reason why. Just because many people find that emotionally unpalatable doesn’t make it any less likely to be true.

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