Friday fiblet: Clear Night’s View

Storms sound in emptiness, above and below and around. Radio crackles lonelier than silence, hollow snaps, evanescent particle pairs are born and die in the instant void. Stars are seldom, light dim, space falls away in widening gyres, all equations collapse to loss, all creation meaningless harmonics of empty tunes on random strings. Roar and silence. Roar and silence.

Across intergalactic gaps, dark energy draws tresses of her hair. The hiss of singularities echoes her goodbye. Her light dies at the edge of space, broken stars fade.

Everything blurs away. He cries, small warm human tears, and begins to heal.

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2 Responses to Friday fiblet: Clear Night’s View

  1. Gene says:

    I have spent too much time reading and re-reading this. At first I was stuck while wondering how “sound” can be generated in “emptiness.” Then I thought, ‘What the hey?’ and continued reading. But to no avail. Guess I’m too Earthbound for such lofty ethereal maunderings… or something like that. Intriguing images, though. I’ll come back again after a suitable interval of subconscious contemplation.

    • BT Murtagh says:

      Sound in this case is the nautical verb meaning, Gene, disappearing into the deeps. I admit the language in this one is a little more esoteric than the earlier fiblets.

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