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The Pre-Reason Rally

So yes, I had better stop procrastinating and set down my impressions of this last weekend while they’re still fairly fresh.

I decided to drive to DC rather than fly, to save a bit of money and keep maximum flexibility when I got there. Besides, I had this spanking new vehicle I had to give a proper test, right? 🙂

It was a longish drive, 8 hours (should have been 9, but come on, a little cautious speeding over that much distance is not such a bad thing), but pleasant and uncomplicated for the most part.

I got to the hotel, and before I’d even checked in I’d been greeted by half a dozen atheists looking forward to the Reason Rally. (I was wearing my American Atheists sweatshirt so they knew I was a fellow traveler.) Mind you, I’d picked the cheapest hotel, which was neither the American Atheists convention hotel nor the overflow hotel. The sense of excitement was palpable. Everyone was smiling.

I was in time to meet up with Jen McCreight (the Blag Hag) and a couple dozen of her other fans and friends at a rather nice Asian Fusion restaurant. Inexplicably, even though I met up with Jen twice more that weekend, this is the only picture we are in together. I’m the forehead on the near left, she’s the Lilliputian on the far right second from the end.  Jen is, by the way, every bit as nice and friendly and funny as I’d imagined she’d be.

After enjoying this meal and a few Tsing-Tao beers I went back to the hotel (on the Metro! No drinking and driving), where I was waylaid on the way through the lobby by a gang of fellow atheists with whom I enjoyed a few more beers, Stella Artois this time, and a round of shots to wind it up with. My phone was utterly juiceless so I have no photos of this bull session, but it was charming and fun.

To be continued…

~ by BT Murtagh on March 28, 2012.

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  1. “…they knew I was a fellow traveler…” Oh? Hmm. Do tell.


    Looking forward to your next posting.

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