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Gyn-OP Craziness Continues

The GOP continues to astound me with their absurdly extremist policies on abortion and contraception. Somehow I missed it last April when Oklahoma passed a law allowing anti-choice doctors to lie to women about abnormal fetal test results, if the doctors thought it might lead to the woman choosing to abort the abnormal fetus. How the hell this escaped being national news back then is utterly beyond me: we’re talking about the primary medical professional deliberately deceiving the patient in order to force a bad health outcome, to satisfy the doctor’s personal religious preferences. Never mind the Hippocratic oath, how is that not outright fraud perpetuated on the patient paying for accurate medical analyses?

Well this year it’s happening again, twice in this month in two different states. Both Kansas and Arizona are in the process of passing their own laws, identical in effect, also expressly allowing doctors to lie to women for the express purpose of deceiving them into thinking their fetuses are healthy when they are not, lest they consider abortion as an option.

(If that doesn’t shock you then perhaps you are Georgia Rep. Terry England, who wants to outlaw all abortions past 20 weeks even if the fetus is dead inside the woman, “explaining” that he has known cows, pigs, and chickens to carry dead offspring to term and therefore sees no reason to make exceptions for human brood machines either.)

Lest my Arizona friends worry that Kansas and Oklahoma are getting too competitive, let me assure you that Arizona is still innovating in the crazy anti-woman legislation field: they are proposing allowing an employer to deny coverage to or even fire women who use birth control to avoid reproduction! (It’s okay if it is prescribed for other reasons, women would just have to provide a note from their doctor. Phew!)

This is the kind of legislation that Rick Santorum wants to see become the norm, by his own account, and there’s a strong possibility that he will be on the Republican ticket in November as either President or Vice President. A very substantial number of Republican primary voters want that to happen, it would seem.

What the hell is happening to this country? (Hint: think religion.)


~ by BT Murtagh on March 14, 2012.

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3 Responses to “Gyn-OP Craziness Continues”

  1. Terry England wants to force women to carry corpses in their bodies. Terry England is a sick, sick individual. There is no bottom with these bills, is there? There’s always a lower level of inhumanity Republicans can sink to. I do not understand why women side with this party (Oh yeah, religion). God loves fetal corpses?

  2. I would love to see some retired MD named Moreau move to Oklahoma and set up a fake clinic just to cause those legislators to think they have to decide between human-nonhuman hybrids and abortions. Then watch their little heads explode.

    But I’d worry A) for the safety of my hypothetical medical friend, and B) that the Okies wouldn’t get the reference.

    And, lest people think snark is a blunt instrument and I should carry more than that in my tool chest, I do regularly write public officials about issues of interest to help them toward the light. (The light of reason for some and the “move into the light” kind of light for others.)

  3. Edit – change “the Okies” to “those Okies”.

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