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Greta on Sexuality and Atheism

I was fortunate enough to hear Greta Christina‘s talk on Sexuality and Atheism at the University of South Carolina’s Carrell College today.

I actually recorded the talk, or rather tried, but the Tape-A-Talk app on my phone proved unequal to the task.

If you have the chance to hear Greta give this (or any other) talk I recommend you do so; she’s a warm, funny and thought-provoking speaker.

The talk had two parts:

In the first Greta compared the structure of religious sexual ethics, based on “checklists from the gods” saying quite arbitrarily do this but don’t do that, and secular sexual ethics based on, well, ethics: such things as whether sex is consensual, free of harm and so on, and she pointed out that a reality-based sexual ethics requires nuanced thoughtfulness.

In the second part she gave a wonderfully moving paean to the transformative and exaltational experience of sexuality, in purely materialistic and physical terms, with no need for woolly appeals to any supernatural spirituality.

Finally there was an engaging Q&A session. I think my favorite line in it was a joke Greta relayed (in response to a question about fundamentalist populations growing faster than liberal secular ones) of her wife Ingrid’s, riffing off the old canard fundamentalists like to lay on gays that they “can’t reproduce so they must recruit”; Ingrid’s take is that fundamentalist’s ideas are so crappy that they can’t recruit so they must reproduce!

Altogether it was an educational and entertaining evening.

~ by BT Murtagh on February 26, 2012.

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  1. Your picture taken with Greta Christina? Wow! I’ve been an admirer of Greta’s clear and direct writing skills, as well as the unapologetic, no-nonsense presentations of her core beliefs for a long time. Congratulations, Brian.

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