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First Amendment Victory in Ahlquist v. Cranston!

The Friendly Atheist brings good news: High School student Jessica Ahlquist has prevailed in her (and her father’s) lawsuit against Cranston West High School to get a prayer banner removed from the assembly hall.

The money quote is this: The Court rules that Plaintiff [Ahlquist] has standing in this matter and rules in her favor on the merits of this dispute. The Court also orders the immediate removal of the Prayer Mural from the auditorium at Cranston West.

Jessica AhlquistThis also bears repeating though: Plaintiff is clearly an articulate and courageous young woman, who took a brave stand, particularly in light of the hostile response she has received from her community.

The response to her straightforward wish to have the First Amendment honored in her school was indeed extremely vehement and hostile, and she has indeed composed herself throughout with admirable poise, courage and eloquence.

For an example, have a gander at her speech to the Secular Student Alliance at its conference last year:

Hemant Mehta has more at his site. Congratulations to Jessica on her victory, and U.S. District Cour Judge Ronald Lageux on his wise decision.

~ by BT Murtagh on January 11, 2012.

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4 Responses to “First Amendment Victory in Ahlquist v. Cranston!”

  1. I wish her the best in her future endeavors, and I hope the inevitable brouhaha doesn’t dissuade her from being the excellent woman she will be.

  2. Immediately after the announcement one of her opponents apparently posted her physical address online in classic ”not saying anything additions be done” fashion. Sad.

  3. Of course they did. Would you expect anything else from the trogs?

  4. Not really, no. It’s of a piece with scaring children into compliance with beatings and threats of eternal torture.

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